Hey guys!

So It’s Christmas Eve here in Uganda and let me say I have never been so low on Christmas spirit.

Christmas has never been a huge deal to begin with. I mean I’m not Christian and my family has never really gone full out with the day. No Christmas tree, no gifts, no decorations. Just a nice lunch most times.

Anyway, this year in particular, I’m sick and kind of depressed so there is truly nothing Christmasy going on in my life. Also, someone reset my Kindle Fire so I lost all my data which includes my videos, photos and apps.

As something special though, I’ve decided to do my day in pictures tomorrow. I’m going to take a selfie every hour from when I wake up until I go to bed, make a collage and post it.

I’m quite excited. If anyone else thinks it’s a good idea, please leave a comment and I would LOVE to see your collage


I wish all my lovely followers and anyone reading this a LOVELY CHRISTMAS!!



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