Is Disney racist?

Is Disney racist?

Now lemme start by saying I have nothing against Disney. I love Disney.

But something me and my friends(and I’m sure lots of other people) have noticed about Disney(its shows and movies) is the lack of interracial couples.

Maybe it’s a coincidence, and they really mean nothing by it but truth is, it’s there.

Or rather it’s not. I don’t recall any interracial couples on Disney. And it’s not just Disney, the series I’ve been watching recently like Awkward, always pair the whites together, the black people together and the Asians too.

Sure, one can fall in love or have a crush on someone their own color but can’t they fall for someone not?

Take High School Musical for example. Troy and Gabriella were both white, and they ended up together. Chad and Taylor (Gabriella’s best friend) were both black(well, brown) and they ended up together. Chris (the tall black dude on the WildCats) was black, he was crushing on Sharpay(white) all through out the series and it never worked out despite the fact that they were both single.

In Ant Farm, China never dates Fletcher despite the fact that he has this huge crush on her but the first guy she goes on a date with is, you guessed it, black.

Then there’s Jump In, the main characters date at the end and they are both black. In the very popular That’s So Raven, the first guy she actually goes out with is black too. And all her white crushes never work out.

I don’t know how true this is but my best friend told me that a cereal company did a commercial with an interracial couple and the public was actually complaining, claiming that that kind of thing never happened in real life.

Well anyway, all this could be a coincidence, but I think it’s something to think about 


4 thoughts on “Is Disney racist?

    1. Well I haven’t watched it but yeah. That’s the first inter-racial couple I’ve heard of.
      I’m sure it isn’t a big deal but it’s just something I noticed

      1. You haven’t watched it? You haven’t LIVED! That show was my childhood! (And okay fine, I still watch it sometimes. You’re never too old for Disney) 😛

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