Ambrossoli Color Run 2014!!

Today me and my friends went on a 5k charity color run.

We woke up at 4:30 am and left Jinja at around 5:20. Since the event started at 7am and it is a two hour ride to Kampala, we all knew we’d probably be late, but we were too sleepy to care. Also, if they were using “Ugandan time”, then the event would probably start at 8am.

After the two hour drive (and getting lost twice), we finally got to the start point only to the see the runners already in the race. We were all heart broken and wanted to turn back. But I got out of the car and convinced everyone to come out too.

We were given white t-shirts and the dude told us “you’re out of the competition but you can still do the run anyway.” Obviously we felt really bad. We had worked hard all week and woken up so early only to miss the event.

I was confident that if we ran fast enough, we could catch up to the other racers but Maryam and Lele (the younger two of the four of us) had different ideas. They wanted to walk a lot more than they wanted to run and we were under orders to stay together. So at a walking/running pace (mostly walking), we followed the arrows and went on. After about a kilometre, we started to see some other white t-shirts. Also, we finally reached the volunteers who were throwing the powder at people.

We caught up to a lot of runners and decided to skip and extra kilometre so we could keep up with them. I was really frustrated at this point because I was thinking of all the negative things and I really wanted to run instead of walk but my friends didn’t want.

I started sulking and ranting then Yamina(my best friend) gave me one of those best-friend-typical ‘get a grip and stop sulking’ talks and I decided that I was being very negative and all it was doing was ruining my day.  I also decided that despite all the bad things that had happened atleast I should be grateful for one thing (and a huge thing at that); I was there! So with that I jogged with a new motivation and joy. These kind of moments really make me remember that no one and nothing but you (and only you) can make yourself happy.


On the run, we met a few people we knew like Aaron(a boy we new from holiday in Kenya), Maya, Milenka and Jayden (three girls we went we camping with) and a few adults we recognized.

After the run, we had some water, caught our breath, took a few photos then left.


I was disappointed at how little paint we got on our t-shirts but hey, late comers get bones. And better late than never.



Overall, I had a really nice day. We went to the cinema after that and had a fast food lunch (replacing any calories we might have possibly lost).

This color run is the first thing I can tick off my bucket list and though it didn’t fully live up to my expectations, I’m very glad and grateful I got to go, and for a good cause too!



*Edit: (next day) My thighs are really sore now and my knees hurt.  I should’ve practiced


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