A Letter to my 30yr old self

Dear Aidah,

     You made it to 30yrs of age. WOW. You actually survived high school and presumably college. You actually made it past these teenage years….alive.

I know you’re a different person now, but how different? Do we still share the same dreams and aspirations?

Did you pursue writing?

Do you still love photography?

What kind of music are into? Do you still listen to One Direction? Imagine Dragons? Lorde?

Did you hit 1000 followers on Tumblr? What about on Instagram?

Did you finally make it to Mount Holyoke?

In fact, did you ever leave Africa?

Did you FINALLY lose weight and become the skinny witch you’ve always wanted to be?

Did you date a funny cute boy who knows how to skate? That’s all you ever wanted in a guy

Did you ever make your first million?

Are you still friends with Yamina, Maryam, Lele, Peris, Gabriella, Victoria, Kaitlin, Lynnsi? Do you live in a house with a pool? Did Liam Payne ever follow you? Are you verified yet on Twitter? Are you happy where you are and what you are doing?

I’m sure that whatever you turned out to be, it’s lovely. So c’mon, write a letter to 14yr old me. Tell me what you’re up to, how it all turns out, and what I should do different 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Letter to my 30yr old self

  1. Dear 14 year old me,

    You still love photography, and writing if you must know. In fact you even performed a couple of poems for an audience much to their applause. Your friends and you grew up. Some left the country for further studies, some got married, some kept in touch.

    You dropped One Direction the moment you set foot in campus because some new band came along, and a new hype of music caught your ears. Not because you stopped loving One Direction, you actually do, and once in a while you will play back their music and get all teary and washy (feeling nostalgic) but because that is how human beings are – they move on fast.

    And about travelling, you did travel – A LOT! You met amazing men who could ski and swim and do all sorts of things you never dreamed possible… and then you met this one man who made everything else make sense, who made you happy and who got you.

    You had adorable kids, a wonderful job and guess what, a lot of people look up to you now. Yes you are an inspiration. I think you even wrote a book… please publish it!

    A word of caution: Always remember to tell those you care about how much you love them, and girl, don’t let boy drama side-track you because trust me, your campus days were filled with a lot of that stuff. You’ll have plenty of time then. Focus on your books now, and cherish those three best friends you have!

    Just so you know, the view from here looks incredible!

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