Day at KISU

On Friday 30th May, Lele, Maryam, Yamina and myself went to Kampala International School Uganda to check it out for the day. We left Jinja at 5am, and got there at exactly 8. The Head Teacher assigned us a student, (Louisa Whitney for Yamina and I) to show us around the classes and make sure we didn’t get lost.

We first had English, where we wrote a news report in small groups. The whole class was very culturally diverse. Ugandans, a Tanzanian, Chinese, Indians, Italians, Canadians, Americans, and a Nigerian. Everyone in the class was welcoming and introduced themselves.

After English, we had P.E, where we did a 5km hike in the city using a map and compass. We did with all the girls and it was quite fun, though it didn’t come without lots of complaints from everyone. Personally, I had on the worst shoes for that kind of activity and later got the worst blisters ever. *picture of worst blisters ever*

When we got back, the kids who had completed their 2yrs of IB(International Bachelorette), were graduating. They walked down a path while the other students threw flowers at them. I just thought to myself, “That will be us in four years.” But it seemed so far away, and it is.

There was a Maths revision class, then Business before lunch. I think attending the business was good for me because now at least now I know clearly well what subjects I’m NOT going to take when I go there. Business.

The lunch was quite good (chips and fish) and I got to sit with Lele and Maryam and see how their day was going. They were having as good a time as we were and all the kids in their grade were really nice too.

Since it was a Friday, and they were mainly just revising for exams anyway, we got to spend the whole afternoon doing art. We helped them prepare for an art jam they were having the next day. We got to know all the girls a bit more, and made friends with them. I’m just glad they more or less had the same taste in music as we did.

Overall, it was an awesome day and I wish we could just join now. Atleast we have something to work hard towards. J


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