The Fault in Our Stars movie review

I write this review assuming that you’ve either read the book or watched the movie.
It is one of the most highly anticipated summer movies, starring Shailene Woodley playing Hazel Grace and Ansel Elgort playing Augustus Waters. It’s based off the New York Times bestseller by John Green.

John Green is my favorite writer and tfios is one of my favorite books ever. I couldn’t wait for the movie, and my friends and I hit the cinemas a week after it was released.

The main lines in the book (and movie) are Okay? Okay. It’s what Hazel and Gus use as their greeting, goodbye, and it’s their way of asking each other how their doing. In the spirit of this, we wrote okay on our palms in black marker.


I’d already watched two trailers and some clips of the movie, but nothing prepared me for the whole thing. There came a point where I was either laughing or crying. And not just tears streaming my face, but full on sobs, hugs and hand holding with my friends who were heart broken as well.

The actors executed their roles beautifully, and though they cut out quite a lot of scenes that were in the book, the movie was it’s own story and a beautiful one at that. The dialouge lines were true to the book and small details like a blue dress and pink bra were kept.

Augustus Waters could be called a try hard at the beginning. He is very charismatic, goofy and even pretentious. Towards the end though, he gets real and you relate to him more. Also, all through out the whole movie there is only one black person, Hazel’s doctor. I’m sure they meant nothing by it, but it’s just something notable.

Overall, it was a beautiful movie. They did John Green justice, and my broke mine as well as many other teenagers’ hearts.


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