‘Milk and Honey’

“I like the way stretch marks

on my thighs look human and

that we’re so soft yet

rough and jungle wild

when we need to be

i love that about us.

how capable we are of feeling

how unafraid we are of breaking

and tend to our wounds with grace

just being a woman

calling myself a woman

makes me utterly whole

and complete”



This poem is extracted from Rupi Kaur’s “Milk and Honey”. In her own words, ” ‘Milk and Honey’ is a collection of poetry about survival… it is about the experience of violence, abuse, love, loss, and femininity. We all know being a woman is hard, sometimes, but to know that other women are facing almost similar to worse circumstances makes it easier for all of us to stand together and face womanhood together, Rupi Kaur is setting an example and paving the road for young outspoken women, allowing girls to feel confident and empowered by their life experiences, and ultimately, being a woman.

My classmate Irene gave me the book and on first read, I honestly felt like it had changed my life in one way or another. It is now my feminism handbook and sort of mini-Bible.
Then I made the mistake of looking it up on Goodreads and involving myself in the debate on whether or not the contents of the book are actually poetry or just liberally spaced sentences.(should’ve just left things at epiphany). Regardless, this book was more about the feelings and realisations it evoked in me. I respect how Rupi and does not let herself be constrained by the traditional rules of what poetry is or isn’t and more than anything, I flippin respect Rupi.
Wildly recommend this book for any feminists out there, or just anyone with a soul
P.S- if my mom ever saw this post, she’d commit me to a nunnery. So let’s keep it between us shall we?


One thought on “‘Milk and Honey’

  1. I think those are some beautifully written lines, regardless of their spacing and the context within which such spacing falls depending on the reader. The sentiment is a beautiful one and I thank you for posting this; definitely a great find and recommendation!

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