African Feminists

So I’ve just made a new Instagram account…. @africanfeminists

Here is my first caption to explain what it’s all about. I hope you check it out! 🙂

“Hey there.
I wish I could’ve thought up a less generic greeting but what matters is that you are here and you are reading this. Of that I am glad.
I shall not introduce myself because this page is not about me. It has everything to do with me, but it is not about me. Feminism is something essential that started before I was born and will keep on existing after I die (hopefully).
Cutting to the chase, I have made this page for three reasons (if I’m simplifying things). The actual jolts that made me start this are called “Milk and Honey’ by Rupi Kaur and ‘Dear Ijeawele’ by Chimamda Adichie. Reading these books honestly strengthened my soul and I feel the need to share. But here are the simplified reasons;
1- I need to express my opinions, and meet like minded people…or atleast open-minded people that are ready to learn and share. Lately, I keep getting this slightly overwhelming feeling in my chest and it’s starting to feel a lot like anger tbh. Anger at the environment I’m in and the thoughts of people I’m surrounded with (from family, to agemates, to politicians). Now I live my whole life with the basis knowledge that difference is the reality of the world and we must accept and respect this. But when I constantly hear words of sexism, colorism, racism, bigotedry and homophobia, it boils my blood. I understand that as long as one is not causing harm to another, I have no right to step in and change them. But words do cause harm don’t they? They plant ideas and spread extremely dangerous messages of hate. When I hear my peers speak hateful, monolistic or misogynistic opinions that I do not agree with, I consciously tell myself to be quiet. This is because I know that there’s a high chance I’m not going to be able to change someone who is not even open to listening and learning but also because I try to be conscious of the fact that my opposite opinion offends them. But they have no consideration for the fact that their words offend and sometimes even disgust me. They take my silence for lack of a position, or acceptance of my falsehood (which is far from the fucking truth). At first, when criticized, I’d get even quieter and question my beliefs, but now, it makes me want to shout even louder. And you know what, maybe I’m just fucking tired of being silent while it kills me inside and makes me count down the days that I finally have the freedom and money to leave and choose a more like minded group of people to spend my days with. This is my way of speaking out. I chose Instagram as my platform simply because I love the app and photographs are the language I speak best.
2- (yeah. we’re still just on two) My second reason is a lot simpler and it is that I want to inspire as well as be inspired. There are SO many amazing ideas, opinions and forms of empowerment out there and we need as many platforms as possible to share. I want to express my opinions, be questioned, listen to opposing arguments (yes. I want to hear) and just basically LEARN because this is something I am wholesomely interested in. Maybe I’m getting cocky here, I don’t even know if I’ll reach 100 followers but am sure as hell going to try.
3- Last but ah ha, not least is I want to defend what I genuinely believe to be universal truths. There are not many sociological things I believe to be objectively true but the need for equity, human rights, and lgbtq rights are some of them. And I intend to stand for them. Now I’m under no illusion that I’m going to change the world or anything because let’s face it, likes and instagram posts are not the same as actions. But if I start a meaningful conversation, plant an idea that leads to bigger thoughts, oh actually influence someone’s opinion. Then it’s something isn’t it? It’s something.
To quote Chimamanda, ” Encourage her to speak her mind, to say what she really thinks, to speak truthfully. Praise her especially when she takes a stand that is difficult or unpopular because it happens to be her honest opinion.”
Okay so although I am a photographer (@apinkbirdy), a lot of the pictures I post on here are probably not going to be mine. The captions are going to be though and if not, they will be properly cited. I’m not a fan of stealing other people’s work. There will be plenty of inspiring bad-ass women ranging from Michelle Obama to my mummy and make no mistake, there will be inspiring bad-ass men as well. These posts are aimed at men and women alike. I’m totally against blaming men and the patriarchy for all our problems because if women united and decided to be woke…there’d be no one to oppress.
I very much hope you can find some inspiration here…and leave some behind as well. If you are offended and don’t agree…and are not wiling to engage…kindly leave.
Otherwise, thanks for reading darling. xx ”



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